(WVEC) -- Wednesday marks the fifth consecutive day schools will be closed around Hampton Roads. It has left many parents and students wondering, when will it be safe enough to return?

Chesapeake Public Schools said neighborhood streets and school parking lots are just not safe enough for the daily grind of buses and cars.

“We are slipping and sliding still,” said parent Janine Williams. “We are kind of worried about the buses coming out because the buses are so huge and they carry so many kids.”

Williams has two teenagers enrolled in the school district.

“I'd rather for them to be closed just to make sure kids can come and go safely, rather for them to open up and something really bad happens,” said Williams.

Schools like Grassfield Elementary have plenty of students that walk to class, which can also be problematic.

“Some people have their sidewalks cleared and some people don't and they obviously can't walk in the street with the two-way traffic,” said Joel Brown, who lives a block away from Grassfield.

Carl Proctor has three nieces that attend Grassfield Elementary. He said enough is enough, he's done babysitting.

“They just need to plow it, and then just plan on how to get the kids to school on time, I mean that's the goal, the objective, for the kids to learn,” said Proctor. “Honestly, they need to get back in school instead of staying here all day.”

When you combine the snow days and the Christmas break, Chesapeake students have only gone to school two days in the past three weeks.

“It's kind of bad because right now they are supposed to be reviewing for SOLs, so I'm kind of worried how much stuff they have retrained,” said Williams.

Most cities in Hampton Roads do not plow those back, residential streets because they're just too narrow for their equipment.