A Bellingham woman is pleading for more training for UPS drivers after her dog was hit and killed last Thursday.

A UPS driver left a note for the Wakelin family apologizing for running over their dog Toby while he was backing out of their driveway on their four-acre property near Lake Samish.

“Part of the reason we have this land is so we can let the dogs run,” said Cynthia Wakelin.

No one was home when the dog was killed.

According to a note, after hitting the dog, he picked it up from the driveway and set it aside behind some trees. He then left the note on the front door. It read, “Sorry. I backed over Toby. He’s dead over by where I turn around. I didn’t see him behind me. Sorry.”

The driver did not call the family even though there was a phone number on the dog’s collar. There was also a phone number on the package he was delivering. The driver did not immediately report the incident to a UPS supervisor, according to Cynthia.

“Who does something like that?” Asked a tearful Cynthia. “UPS needs to educate their drivers about how to do the right thing. It’s about more than delivering packages.”

A UPS supervisor did visit the Wakelin’s home after learning about what happened and offered his condolences.

“He was really upset that it was handled this way,” said Cynthia. “He felt really bad because he is a dog owner, too.”

In a statement to KING 5, UPS said they apologized to the customer for the "unfortunate incident."

"Our local manager personally visited the customer and gave our condolences. The driver involved has been disciplined and the company will make a goodwill payment to the customer," UPS said in the statement.

There have been at least two other incidents across the country in recent years where a UPS driver killed a dog and then left a note.

UPS said it is their policy in cases like this to "knock on the door and if no one is home to leave a note."