VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WVEC) - Local 7th graders at Old Donation School are now top chefs after winning a school competition.

On Wednesday morning, the all-girls team made the whole school lunch with the help of the cafeteria staff.

A student said, "We are making Pico De Gallo and we are dicing the onions right now."

The winners said it doesn’t seem like school work, but their Department Chair for Health and PE, Rachel Thompson says this competition teaches students responsibility

"As an educator, my job and my goal is for them to walk away with things they will use in their life and I feel like they will use this," Thompson said.

Ian Buhner said he wasn’t expecting lunch to taste so good Wednesday. He said he didn’t expect much from the team.

Buhner said, "I guess mediocre. I thought it would be good, but not this good."

He rated the meal from one to ten.

Buhner said, "I give it a solid ten because of how good it was and how surprising it really tastes."

The school plans to do this a few more times throughout the year.