The man accused in the shooting of two people outside a Portsmouth Food Lion called 13News Now just before turning himself into police. We've tried to get in touch with Kievon Whitehurst for months; he said he called the newsroom Tuesday to tell his side of the story.

Kievon Whitehurst told 13News Now he only found out about the new charges in circuit court from the stories we've done. We were first to tell you a grand jury indicted the 21-year-old on gun charges.

What ended in bullets flying, two people with gunshot wounds and blue police lights flooding a Portsmouth Food Lion parking lot, started hours earlier with a racial slur, according to Kievon Whitehurst.

“I just want people to know the truth,” he exclaimed in a phone interview. “I just want people to know I'm not a monster.”

In order to see the full picture, you need all the details--Kievon is mixed race; his girlfriend is white. The couple had gone to the Food Lion earlier in the day on August 6th. Then, Whitehurst recalled he argued with Billy Stevens and his father.

“Two men randomly called my girlfriend a ***** lover and I had words with them,” Whitehurst described.

Nothing physical happened then, but when the couple returned to the shopping center hours later, Whitehurst says the two men were there.

We also spoke to the father involved. His story and Whitehurst's story line up to a point. Both detail a second confrontation. Whitehurst told us he was jumped.

“As soon as I walked out the door he was waiting on me on the other side of the door for me to walk out and he attacked me, like blindsided me,” Whitehurst remembered. “He hit me on the back of my head.”

This is where the stories really differ. The father explained Whitehurst pulled out a gun and started shooting. But, 21-year-old Whitehurst said Tuesday, while he was being attacked, his gun fell out of his pocket.

“There's blood pouring out of my nose and I'm so dizzy,” Whitehurst explained. “All I could see is him reaching for the gun. So I grabbed it and while we were wrestling for it and he was trying to take it out of my hands, it started going off.”

Whitehurst stated his injuries were so bad, he's facing a $5,000 hospital bill, and now, two gun charges, as well.

“This is about two men racially attacking me and almost taking my life and now I'm going to jail for it,” he added.

Whitehurst maintained he had never seen or spoke to Stevens and his father before that day.

We also checked in with Portsmouth Police to see if the father and son will face any charges relating to the incident. We are waiting to hear back from a spokesperson.

On another note, Whitehurst would not answer questions about whether or not he has a concealed handgun permit for the gun involved.