NEWPORT NEWS, Va. (WVEC) -- Officials lifted swimming advisories at Hilton and Huntington Park beaches after re-sampling the water.

A swimming advisory has been issued to both locations on Wednesday.

According to the Peninsula Health District bacteria levels in the water exceed the State Water Quality Standards.

Recreational waters are monitored for bacteria routinely during the swimming season.

The health department issued the following guidelines for swimmers as a reminder ahead of summer swimming season:

  • Do not swim in water that looks stagnant, muddy, or smells unpleasant.
  • Avoid swallowing river, stream, lake or other recreational water.
  • Prevent direct contact between broken skin and recreational water.
  • Avoid swimming in natural water bodies (rivers, streams, lakes, etc.) for several days after a heavy rainfall.

People swimming or playing in waters with bacteria levels higher than the standard have an increased risk of developing gastrointestinal illnesses.