VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WVEC) -- For two generatious now, a family not only found love for the job they do, but they also found love for the people they do the job with.

Amber and Jerry Sourbeer met 5 years ago while working for Virginia Beach EMS.

"EMS is such a great way to build relationships in general. You build a bond that can last a lifetime with people that you meet," said Amber.

Both of Amber's parents also work in emergency services.

"My mom got me into EMS so without that I wouldn't have met Jerry," she explained.

The four of them are about to add one more generation to their family tree. Amber and Jerry are expecting their first child to arrive in May.

"We couldn't be more proud. It's incredible that she married another EMS worker and they're going to have a little baby EMS worker," said Jeff Achenski, Amber's father.

The entire family is hoping that baby Ethan will one day follow in their footsteps and pursue a career in emergency services.