PORTSMOUTH, Va. (WVEC) -- It was an emotional first day for Takiara Lewis-White's trial as family from both sides sat in court and listened to opening statements in Portsmouth.

Lewis-White pleaded not guilty to all charges against her, including two counts of murder and three of child abuse.

She is accused of leading a state trooper on a high-speed chase last September on 264 westbound. She crashed the car, killing 8-year-old Destiny Wilson and 5-year-old Shawnta Lewis.

The prosecution said Lewis-White and the girls' mother are good friends.

The first witness was called to the stand Monday. The trooper testified that he was the person who Lewis-White lead on the chase last year.

Instead of stopping when he turned on the lights on his car, he had to drive at more than 100 miles per hour to catch up to Lewis-White.

The prosecution showed dash cam video from the trooper's car, which included the beginning of the chase, and ended after the car crashed and the trooper trying to save Destiny and Shawnta.

In the video, Lewis-White is screaming, "My baby! My baby!", and her 1-year-old son crying.

The trooper won't be the last person to testify.

More people, including family members from both sides, are expected to testify on day two of the trial.

That begins at 9:00 a.m. Tuesday.