Ever wonder if the weather roller coaster that Mother Nature has taken us on recently can cause health issues? Doctors say it's possible.

Dr. Rebecca Franzi-Osborne, the medical director of the Battlefield Boulevard Patient First Urgent Care Center, says right now people have the threat of the common cold, seasonal allergies and the flu, working against them.

"I think what tends to happen is that it gets cold outside, people bundle up, and they stay inside and they stay in closer quarters and they share germs a lot easier," said Dr. Osborne.

Dr. Osborne also says the warmer temperatures are making more plans bloom, adding to the seasonal allergy problem for many.

Dr. Osborne says best way you can keep healthy right now is to continuously wash your hands and nourish your immune system by keeping a healthy diet. She also advises you get a flu shot, as the flu season is fast approaching.