NORFOLK, Va. (WVEC) -- Now that the snow has settled after Thursday's storm ripped through the region, homeowners are facing a common problem.

"Our pipes burst," laughed Ellen Rolda. "When we got home the kitchen was flooding."

Rolda called Norfolk Air Heating and Cooling, a local plumbing and HVAC business, but given the weather conditions, she and her family weren't able to receive service right away.

"We had to make a decision whether it was safe" said Malone, on the company's decision to close doors Thursday. However, he said it was safe to operate business Friday, so he spent his morning organizing emergency calls for service.

"The majority of the calls are busted pipes," said Malone. "People have tried to turn their water on, they don't have water through the faucets so they're assuming their piping is frozen."

Malone then dispatches technicians to answer the calls, like Henry Shazer.

"Our guy was on call last night said he got like 75 calls in last night," said Shazer.

Shazer said he and other workers are glad to return to work but are nervous about navigating the roads.

"Getting stuck," laughed Shazer. "Because it's going to take me probably a couple hours to get out."

Rolda's home was one of 33 homes the company serviced Friday. The business received 169 plumbing and HVAC calls between Wednesday night and Friday morning. In comparison to a normal day, they receive 40 calls.

But there are easy precautions homeowners can take to prevent damage their home.

"Making sure your vents are closed under the house and making your water lines drip," said Shazer. "That will help us a whole lot without having a whole lot of busted water pipes and frozen pipes.