VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WVEC) -- A few years ago, Susan Glassner was charmed by 4-year-old Ray Ray the Beagle.

Her and her husband loved everything about him, his disabilities included.

"I think he was a hunting dog because he definitely hunts in our backyard so they think his foot may have gotten caught in a trap," she said.

This upbeat beagle has lived a good part of his life with an amputated leg.

But, on Wednesday, Ray Ray took a step towards a new beginning, thanks to four ECPI University students.

For their capstone course, these seniors designed and built a prosthetic leg customized for the dog.

"I initially thought it was going to be extremely difficult," said student, Rick Plemons.

It was a big task for Plemons, but he and his classmates worked through it together.

"We kept coming into hiccups with just the printing process," he said.

Now, they get to see Ray Ray roll around, getting used to the new leg.

"It's exciting just to see where technology has gone today is exciting," said Glassner.

In the end, a few bright minds gave a little dog a big fighting chance.