VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WVEC) -- The city is cracking down on a popular Pungo restaurant’s overflow parking lot. Patrons at The Bee and The Biscuit off Princess Anne Rd. were known to park across the street and walk across the busy Princess Anne Road street to the restaurant.

The restaurant’s General Manager Jim Hatfield said they worried about having patrons park across the busy road.

“We are always concerned when the guest leave or when they are coming into the restaurant because Indian River and Princess Anne are busy intersected roads,” said Hatfield.

The popular eatery has been open for a little more than a year but often has a waitlist.

“We seat 79 and we have usually up to 100 people waiting to sit,” said Hatfield.

The parking lot where many patrons would leave their cars is now off limits. The area is roped off with caution tape and has no parking signs posted. Hatfield said The City shut it down.

“We weren’t able to park across the street anymore because The City thought it was a safety hazard,” said Hatfield.

The City’s Zoning Administrator Kevin Kemp gave 13News Now a statement about the parking issue.

On August 3, 2017 the City issued a Notice of Violation, citing that the parking area across Princess Anne Road was an illegal off-site parking facility. Off-site parking facilities are not a permitted at this location. The City was particularly concerned with this off-site parking facility due to patrons of the restaurant needing to cross Princess Anne Road at a point where there is no cross-walk or traffic signal. Staff had become aware of several occasions where accidents almost occurred.

Through a series of meetings with City staff, The Bee and The Biscuit developed a safer parking solution. As the lot across Princess Anne Road is no longer being used to accommodate parking, the Notice of Violation has been corrected.

Hatfield said the restaurant came up with several solutions to solve the parking problem and keep people safe.

“We have a building next door and property next door that we've added. We've hired VA Valet to on our busiest days Friday, Saturday, Sunday. They can self-park if they like, it’s no charge to the customer,” said Hatfield.