VIRGINIA BEACH, Va (WVEC) -- Court documents reveal that police confiscated five thumb drives and two phones when searching a man accused of object sexual penetration by force.

The new details stem from an incident June 3 at the Williams Farm Recreation Center, according to paperwork.

Aloysius Albritton, 37, is accused of sexually assaulting a victim in the men’s locker room. During the alleged assault, documents state the suspect was “taking pictures and/or videos of [the victim’s] naked body”.

Albritton was taken into custody and searched on site.

This incident, including another are outlined in one recently unsealed search warrant. Police were looking into more potential victims, documents state.

In the prior offense, Albritton is accused of unlawfully filming a police officer at a WaWa off Northampton Boulevard in a public restroom.

He allegedly pointed his phone over a urinal divider and filmed the officer who was in uniform, documents state.

Albritton is out on bond and currently on house arrest. He has no access to public restrooms or locker rooms, according the Office of the Commonweath’s Attorney.

His next court appearance is scheduled for early November.