VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WVEC) -- You’ve heard of Adopt a Highway, in Virginia Beach the city is trying out a new program, Adopt a Storm Drain. They are hoping residents will volunteer their own time to make sure their neighborhood drains are clean and clear.

City Councilwoman Jessica Abbot walks her street on a daily basis making sure her storm drains are ready for a storm. She is hoping her neighbors join in.

“The only thing we want people to do is make sure the top of the drain remains clear and the entry way remains clear so it doesn’t block water,” said Abbott.

She is hoping residents sign up on line to adopt a drain near their home and when the drain needs cleared or rain is in the forecast the city will send them a notice.

“You just are pledging to keep an eye on your drain,” said Abbott.

She says she would even like to see a plaque or sign placed nearby with the name of the drain’s adoptive parent.

“I think any time you get to put your name on something it feels like you have ownership of it and I think it’s a positive thing that can happen from it,” said Abbott.

We spoke with one resident who says it’s just common sense to take care of your street.

“A lot of times I get dirt out there on my street on the curb here and I just sweep it up most times by myself,” said Thomas Byrd.

Then there is a woman in Windsor Woods who had five inches of rain in her home following Hurricane Matthew.

“I didn’t see them here helping me out when I was tearing up my house and trying to put it together,” said Cummings.

Cummings said drainage is a serious issue not some game and it should be left up to the professionals.

“I think the city should do it really, that’s why we pay taxes, let the city do it that’s their job,” said Cummings.

The city is still in the process of deciding which department will run the Adopt A Drain program but Abbott says it will probably be public works.