Every parent wants their children to have fun and be safe while trick-or-treating for Halloween.

So, we wanted to verify a common question many parents had about the holiday activity.


Are registered sex offenders allowed to greet and hand out candy to trick-or-treaters?


Yes, but there are restrictions.


Virginia State Police


According to State Police, if a registered sex offender is NOT on supervision, they can leave their porch lights on and participate in Halloween activities, including trick-or-treating.

However, that privilege comes with a condition.

Unsupervised, registered sex offenders can not got to any Halloween event that is on school property.

Now if a sex offender is on supervision and is under probation conditions, they are banned from having contact with children.

So if they live in a neighborhood where children are trick-or-treating, they are not allowed to open their doors.

And law enforcement officials want you to know that the Sex Offender Investigative Unit of the Virginia State Police work with the Virginia Department of Corrections Probation and Parole to check on supervised sex offenders.

If you want to check if any sex offenders live in your community, go to the sex offender registry website and search your address.

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