KYTX - "Drink eight-eight ounce glasses of water a day." It's old advice people were told to stay hydrated and retain fluids. In this summer heat, staying hydrated is very important.

Tristan Hardy with our sister station CBS 19 sought to verify how much water people should drink.


Should people drink eight-eight ounce glasses of water a day?


Yes, health experts said it's the general rule to staying hydrated. However, it may not be necessary to a specific individual. The amount of water a person consumes depends on factors such as: age, weight, body mass and more. Drinking eight-eight ounce glasses of water is 64 ounces, thus making 1.89 liters. Experts said the amount of water consumed, depends on one's activities.


Christus Good Shepherd Institute for Healthy Living - Leslie Goufarzi - Dietician

Neighbors Emergency Center Emergency Room - Dr. Robert Lueken - Physician


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