One of the victims in the double shooting outside a Portsmouth Food Lion has actually turned into a suspect, according to police. 13News Now has learned the 17-year-old who was shot is now facing criminal charges relating to the incident.

This has turned into a complicated story. In order to understand the new information we've uncovered, you need some background.

We first talked to 17-year-old Billy Stevens’ parents shortly after the confrontation outside the store that led to two people being shot. Outside a court hearing for the man police told us was a suspect, Billy Stevens' dad said it is he and his son who were the victims. They pointed the finger at Kievon Whitehurst.

Tuesday, Whitehurst called the 13News Now newsroom and told a different story. Whitehurst said he is the one who was attacked. His mother sent us the pictures to back up the explanation.

“I'm still on my hands and knees getting stomped on my face and like there's blood pouring out of my nose and I'm so dizzy,” he described.

We were finally able to get new information from Portsmouth Police about those other charges.

“After a thorough investigation, the detective determined that the juvenile male involved in the incident had assaulted Mr. Whitehurst and the female,” a spokesperson wrote. “As a result, the investigator took out petitions against the juvenile for assault and battery on Mr. Whitehurst and the female involved.”

So now, it is Billy Stevens who is facing the more serious charges. We reached out to Stevens' parents again. His mother told 13News Now her son was only defending himself and she wants this whole ordeal to come to an end.

Stevens' case is pending trial in Juvenile and Domestic Relations court, according to police.

You might be wondering about the two different stories about what happened with the gun. Whitehurst said his gun fell out of his pocket. But Stevens' father said Whitehurst pulled the gun out and started shooting.

At this very moment, only Whitehurst is facing gun charges. Of course we'll continue to follow the story to see if anything else changes.

WARNING: Some of the images may be graphic

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