VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WVEC) --- The snow has brought out something in Virginia Beach that you've never seen before.

That's not hyperbole, because what Aaron Lawyer's is driving around town Friday is the only one of its kind in the world.

“It's called the Extreme Hummer,”

The Extreme Hummer was built as a big-game hunting vehicle in the snow. It has multiple cameras, listening devices, over-sized tires and is covered in white and gray camouflage.

“People don't know what it is,” said Lawyer.

“Nothing like it,” said Paul Holley, a friend of Lawyer's.

Laywer and Holley gave 13News Now reporter Philip Townsend a ride in the 12,000 lb truck Friday.

He was even given a chance to drive it.

The only thing slowing this kind of vehicle down is people trying to get a closer look.

“I have to see it,” said a neighbor who stopped to take a look. “Is Willy Wonka in here?”

Lawyer purchased the Extreme Hummer at an auction just over a year ago.

He says the truck is so heavy that it was cracking the stage underneath it at the auction.

“It's pretty intense,” Lawyer said.

This week's snow was actually welcomed by the Virginia Beach resident, because Thursday was Lawyer's first time driving the vehicle in the snow.