Virginia Beach, Va. (WVEC) - Ocean Park Volunteer Fire and Rescue is considered one of the oldest fire stations Virginia Beach. The building was built in the 1940's and over the years renovations have been done, but now it needs more work.

"If we don't fix the roof soon, it's going to fall in," explained volunteer Benjamin Cohen.

Benjamin Cohen is 49-years-old and he has volunteered for the squad for the past 30 years. Cohen said the community has already stepped in big time to raise money for renovations but they need more.

"Without our building we can't not run a rescue squad. We not only need a place to house our ambulances, but also to house our people," Cohen explained.

Right now, in the current building both men and woman volunteers have to sleep in the same room, right next to one another. They even use the same bathrooms.

Every time it rains, the roof also leaks. The money for the renovation would go to fixing those problems.

Cohen explained "It’s still very much running in the 1970's when you look at the rooms. We are a cinder block and brick building and it shows."

The plans are already made up for the major renovations. Cohen hopes during the giving season, you spread the joy and give back.

If you would like to donate for the renovations, click here.