VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WVEC) -- Madison Walker is packing for the Miss Teen USA pageant at her home in Virginia Beach Wednesday.

So far her entire haul includes six suitcases, 200 pieces of jewelry and more than 20 pairs of shoes.

“My evening gown is shaped for an athlete,” said Walker. “That’s a hint.”

The 17-year-old Cox High School student can’t give away too many details about her attire ahead of the pageant, now just 10 days away in Phoenix, Arizona.

But what she can say, is that she’ll be bringing her favorite person and biggest supporter: her twin brother Bryan.

“I want her to win,” said Bryan.

Bryan has Down Syndrome, but it hasn’t stopped him from cheering on his sister during the road to Miss Teen USA.

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When she takes the national stage next Saturday, Madison won’t just be representing Virginia Beach or Virginia, she’ll be representing Bryan and the charity Best Buddies.

It’s important to her, more than a crown, that kids with disabilities have a voice and are treated fairly.

“Hopefully I’ll touch some people and maybe they’ll make a difference themselves,” said Walker. “That’s my main goal."