With the highly anticipated election just days away, Northern Virginia is entering the big day with a massive amount of votes already cast. Saturday was the final day that absentee votes could be cast in person in Virginia, and in Fairfax County, more than 100,000 absentee votes have already been cast either in person or by mail.

"It means that people are interested in this election," said Cameron Sasnett, from the Office of Elections. "I don't think this is a surprise that there's an election coming up. I think people are definitely ready to cast their ballots."

On both Thursday and Friday, more than 7,000 absentee votes were cast in Fairfax County, at one of the 10 locations. Sasnett said that a similar amount of people could be expected for Saturday, even though the polls were set to close at 5 p.m.

Mail-in votes are going to be accepted until Election Day, so Sasnett said that the office is anticipating approximately 120,000 absentee votes in total. That would be approximately 30,000 more absentee votes than in the 2012 election.

"This is really good," said Sasnett. "Because people who aren't going to be available on Election Day had the opportunity."

Ruth Mott was distributing a mock ballot for the Democratic Party, and said she was supporting Clinton.

"I'm supporting my values," she said. "I'm supporting my family. When it comes to the values - I'm pro-equality, I'm pro-choice, I'm for freedom of religion. She basically supports what I support."

Meanwhile Republican Jacob Lowman was distributing flyers for the Republican Party.

"He's a great businessman," he said. "He's not an insider politician. It's not more of the same."

In Fairfax County, the adult population of registered voters, is approximately 685,000. That means that nearly one in six Fairfax voters are expected to have cast their vote before Election Day.