RICHMOND, Va. (AP) - Seven Virginia children were killed in accidental shootings in the 2 ½-years ending in June.

Data compiled and analyzed by The Associated Press and the USA TODAY Network shows that there were 29 unintentional shootings involving children in Virginia that killed seven minors and injured 20 others between January 2014 and the end of June 2016.

There were roughly 3.5 unintentional shootings per million people in the state, which is on par with the national rate.

Nationwide, more than 320 minors and more than 30 adults were killed in accidental shootings involving minors during these 2 ½ years; another 700 children and 78 adults were injured during that time span.

The news organizations examined cases collected by the nonpartisan research group, Gun Violence Archive, as well as other reports.