The Ashburn Old School, a historic, one-room school built in the 19th century to educate African American children, was vandalized with offensive, racist and vulgar graffiti.

But a little kindness in the face of hate is helping to restore a frustrated community's faith and the school itself.

It's an act of kindness that can restore hope, that can restore buildings.

Loudoun County students spent the last two years restoring the school, which closed in the 1950's with the end of school segregation.

Students have replaced the foundation, crumbled stones and the chimney.

Just last week they installed new windows. This weekend those windows were busted out and the building vandalized with graffiti.

But there seems to be a place for kindness.

In the first 20 months of the project, the effort raised about $16,000, through mostly bake sales and donations.

Since the vandals struck, in just 48 hours, the effort has raised an additional $40,000.

The surge of donations has accelerated the project timeline. What was going to take a year or two has suddenly become possible now.