New information on what was thought to be a murder-suicide in McLean in which a daughter killed her mother, then herself. But now, Fairfax County police are looking into the possibility that it was a double murder.

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Our sister station WUSA9 in Washington D.C. has learned that the crime scene may have been altered and staged by the suspect.

On the night of July 14, police found two bodies inside 6708 Dean Drive. Pamela Hargan, 63, who had worked at Lockheed Martin for decades and was currently working at SAIC, was found dead in the laundry room, according to court documents. Hargan had three daughters.

Her youngest daughter, 23-year-old Helen Hargan, was found dead in an upstairs bedroom.

Both women were shot to death. At first glance, and based on a phone call from the boyfriend of one Helen's sisters Dallas, Texas, it looked like a murder-suicide. That's what the boyfriend told police, according to radio dispatch calls.

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Police filed a search warrant the night of killings. Seven days later, police filed another search warrant, both of which have just been an unsealed.

In the second search warrant, the detective writes that the "Investigation has revealed that the scene may have been altered and staged by the suspect."

"….There were attempted fraudulent wire transfers from a financial account belonging to the murder victim, Pamela Hargan. The attempted wire transfers were done on the day before the murder and the day of the murder."

"The transfers were attempted by Megan Hargan who is another daughter of Pamela Hargan."

Neighbors said Megan has a young daughter and that the two of them were living in the McLean home with Pamela Hargan. Neighbors did not see Helen Hargan. The child has apparently moved to another location. Nobody answered the door when a reporter knocked.

Police the night of the shooting that Megan was on her way to the scene from Maryland.

Police have not named a suspect in the case but said it is still a "very active" investigation.

WUSA9 left messages with another sister in Pennsylvania and Pamela Hargans ex-husband but have not heard back.