Mayhem broke out in a Fairfax courtroom when the parents of murder victim Nabra Hassanen tried to attack the defendant.

Minutes after defendant Darwin Martinez Torres, 22, was brought into the hearing room, packed with some 250 people, Mohod Hassanen stood up and started screaming at him. Then, Hassanen, in the front row, started lunging at Torres.

Deputies quickly picked Hassanen up by his arms and carried him out. At the same time, Nabra's mother, Sawsan Gazzar, stood up and screamed "I will kill you" and threw her shoe at Torres.

People around her made her sit down.

Another man in the court room started yelling "if you" to the deputies "and he was at school." And all five people were pulled out of the court room. Then deputies cleared the entire court room and the hearing was moved to a private court room.

A crowd of some 200 stood outside with signs chanting what do we want justice.