CARRSVILLE, Va. (WVEC) - Nearly two weeks after Hurricane Matthew hit Hampton Roads, some roads are still blocked because of extensive damage.

In Isle of Wight County, a section of Holly Run drive was washed out -- a large roadblock and a pile of sand is there to stop cars from driving into a massive hole.

"One hundred feet of the road is washed away due to the amount of rain and velocity of water that went through that drainage corridor," VDOT Residency Administrator Joe Lomax said.

Lomax says the pipes that run underneath the road are not damaged, but it could take a month to build the road back up.

"It's about a 12 ft high road, and it washed out that section. So I have to do an emergency contract to have a contractor come out there and replace the roadway," he said.

Lomax is in charge of overseeing road damages for four counties including Isle of Wight, Southampton, Greensville, and Sussex counties.

"In all four counties, we had 55 roads at one point or another that had high water signs on them.Forty-four of those at one point or another were closed for some time in that time frame; out of that, over 20 we had damaged, significant enough to consider repairs for," he said.

As of today, five of those roads are still impassable.

Jason Walters lives right next to Holly Run Drive in Carrsville.

"I went out into the road and in a 30-minute time frame that road just gave right away like it washed right out," he said.

When the waters began to rise and threaten his home, he ran outside to rescue his animals.

"I had to rescue some pigs that were in the pen beside my shed. They were all swimming," he said.

Holly Run Dr. is a cut-through to Route 58 and Route 258. While residents wait for a contractor to repair the damage, they will have to continue to take a 10-minute detour to get to the main roads.