NEWPORT NEWS, Va (WVEC) -- United States Senator Mark Warner says localities should have liberty to decide whether Confederate statues be moved.

"I think each community is going to have to have a process, have all voices heard and it's going to be a challenging conversation," Warner said. "I think it's long overdue."

Senator Warner spoke out as he stopped in Newport News during a state tour.

This comes a day after a protest broke out in Downtown Norfolk over the removal of its Confederate monument.

Despite Virginia State Code saying monuments cannot be disturbed or moved by localities, Warner said the conversation should still happen.

"I would hope that if a local community after an appropriate process thought that statues should be moved or changed to a different location, that the General Assembly would try to work with that community," said Warner.

The former Governor said he's been disappointed with President Donald Trump's reaction to the clashes in Charlottesville after the commander-in-chief said there was blame to be dealt on both sides of protesters.

"It's moments like these where people either rise to the occasion or not. And this President has not risen to the occasion," said Warner.