HAWAII -- Mee Mowe the cat is one tough cookie.

"I'm amazed she's still alive," said Ashley Barth, whose cat survived an incredible ordeal.

Right before the Barth family moved from Suffolk to Hawaii, Mee Mowe went missing. They launched an all-out search for their feline friend, but nothing. They even postponed their move for a little bit and stayed in their empty house hoping for a reunion.

"We stayed at the home for three extra days in hopes she would show up," Barth said.

When Mee Mowe didn't show up, the family had to continue with their move. It took 36 days for their belongings to reach them in Hawaii.

When the boxes were put on the floor, Barth heard something. It was a faint "meow."

"It was a crazy moment," Barth said. "I started crying and yelling to open the box!"

Mee Mowe was in that box. She had survived that long journey from Suffolk with no food, water or light for 36 days.

Barth says her cat was in bad shape.

"She was emaciated, she looked like she had been starved to death," Barth said.

Barth has no idea how Mee Mowe ended up in the box. And now her joy has turned to anger. She thinks the moving company did it.

"She was found taped inside of a box in the mattress box, so she was actually in a box taped shut," Barth said. "I know somebody did it from the moving company, that's not a question. The question is was it intentional or an accident?"

13NewsNow is efforting to get in touch with the moving company.

For now, Barth says Mee Mowe is getting better but can't come home. Her cat has to stay quarantined at the vet's until February because of vaccination issues.

Barth says this whole ordeal has cost her family close to $4,000.

"When she came out of that box, she was almost dead," Barth said. "Saving her life was very expensive."

But Barth says the family is now spending priceless moments with Mee Mowe. They visit her about five days a week and will throw a big party when she's finally allowed to start a new life with the family in their new home in Hawaii.

"She's doing much, much better and is very, very happy when we come and see her," Barth said.