WILLIAMSBURG, Va. (WVEC) -- When women marched on Washington on January 20, 2017 -- the day Donald Trump became President Donald Trump -- others joined the movement by holding marches in cities across the country.

One year after the inauguration, the 2nd Annual Women's March took place nationwide, appearing to top the 2.6 million people it drew to events last year.

One of those events helping the effort gain momentum was the women's march in Williamsburg Saturday which started and ended in Merchants Square. Organizers said at least 300 more people attended the march than last year.

A large crowd gathered in Merchants Square in Williamsburg, Va. for the 2nd Annual Women's March on January 20, 2018.

"It's a wonderful experience," said Kristen Massey who was in the crowd that included people of many backgrounds and ages.

"I'm a 93-year-old woman who is still fighting," said Carolie Hartung.

"I'm feeling the support and positive energy of the crowd," said College of William and Mary student, Olivia Mooney.

Marchers shared their many reasons for walking with 13News Now.

"It's important to be here to show support for women, as well as for immigrants, which I am one of them,” said Saul Gleiser.

Some people said the government shutdown fueled the crowd.

“My husband's in the Army so, luckily, he'll still get paid, but a lot of our friends who are civilians who work for the government, not so much,” said Sallie McLain.

Participants saw the march as part of an inclusive, coast-to-coast movement that's meant to lift communities and to help people's voices be heard.

A women's march is scheduled to take place Sunday in Norfolk beginning with rally along the city's downtown waterfront.