WILLIAMSBURG, Va. (WVEC) -- Former FBI Director James Comey will co-teach a course on ethical leadership starting in the fall at W&M, college officials announced Friday.

Comey, a member of W&M Class of 1982, will pair with Drew Stelljes to teach the three-credit course during fall 2018, spring and summer 2019.

Stelljes is an executive assistant professor of education and assistance vice president for student leadership.

"I am thrilled to have the chance to engage with William & Mary students about a vital topic - ethical leadership," said Comey. “Ethical leaders lead by seeing above the short term, above the urgent or the partisan, and with a higher loyalty to lasting values, most importantly the truth. Building and maintaining that kind of leadership, in both the private sector and government, is the challenge of our time. There is no better place to teach and learn about it than the W&M Washington Program."

The course, offered through the W&M Washington Center, will meet primarily in the center's classroom in Washington, D.C. and once at the W&M School of Education in Williamsburg. The session meeting in Williamsburg will be live-streamed back to students in the nation's capital, school officials said.

Students receiving priority enrollment for the course include:

  • Undergraduates who are enrolled in the W&M Washington Center's fall 2018 and spring 2019 DC Semester Program and its 2019 DC Summer Session can take the course as an elective in addition to their required program.
  • Graduate students, with students in the W&M School of Education's Educational Policy, Planning and Leadership program receiving first priority because of the program's emphasis on leadership studies
  • Undergraduate students minoring in educational studies

Other students may enroll in the course as space allows as long as they are able to travel to Washington, D.C. for the sessions held there.

For more information on the course, click HERE.