Congress wants the Department of Veterans Affairs to be more transparent and our local congressman is leading the efforts. Rep. Scott Taylor proposed an amendment that addresses the undisclosed moving of VA higher-ups.

We have been exposing issues at the VA and talking to officials about solutions for a couple years. Now, Congressman Scott Taylor is adding another layer of transparency for the agency so many in our area rely on for care.

Veterans and their families have been pleading for care from an agency plagued with problems.

“It's more than a slap in the face, like they're stomping all over us,” SSG Roderick “Aerock” Parinas told 13News Now.

Reform of the VA has been a hot button issue, one that is personal for Congressman Scott Taylor of Virginia's 2nd District.

Taylor is a former Navy SEAL and understands the need to care for those who put their lives on the line for us.

“They themselves have had sacrifices,” he described. “Their families have of course, they've held up their end of the bargain. I think it's important that we do the same.”

At VA medical centers across the country and in Hampton Roads, lawmakers said senior level executives have been swapped out and moved to other facilities under the radar. Taylor's amendment to the “VA Accountability First Act” requires the VA secretary report to Congress twice a year. He will detail why a senior official was moved and how much it is costing the system.

“Of course, it is important if someone is under-performing that we don't simply just move them around,” Taylor explained. “We find out what's the problem here. Is this someone, does this individual need to stay on? Does this individual need to go to a lower level to learn a little but more?”

Taylor said he'll also work on a bill with some teeth-- Before senior level executives are moved to different medical centers, he's proposing the agency secretary will have to sign off on the swap. Taylor believes that adds accountability.