VIRGINIA BEACH, Va (WVEC) – A brazen home invasion caught on camera has a family and neighborhood on the lookout.

On Monday around 2 p.m. a home in the 1200-block of Gladiola Crescent had their garage door kicked in.

Home surveillance video shows what appears to be a man breaking down a garage door and wandering around the house.

The intruder goes into a home office and uses a flashlight to search through the family's belongings.

“I think maybe he was looking to see how many people does he need to steal the rest of our stuff?” said homeowner, Michelle Wiggs.

At one point, he man looks directly into one of the five cameras.

He was out of the home in less than a minute, but didn't steal anything, Wiggs explained.

Wiggs said even with the clear video, she doesn’t know the person’s identity.

She was at work when her security system alerted her, but said she ignored it thinking her cats set it off. The only one reason she can think anyone would want to break into her home -- her Star Wars collectibles.

“I assume that window was partially open, said Wiggs. “The blind was open, so the person saw some of our collectibles.”

Even though nothing was stolen, Wiggs wants her situation to serve as a lesson for others.

“What if the next person is at home? What if they have kids home? What if this person hurts people?” Wiggs asked. “So, me sharing this, hoping he gets caught means the next person won’t get hurt.”

Virginia Beach police are investigating this as a robbery. Spokesperson, MPO Linda Kuehn, said this is typical in home break-in cases.

Wiggs plans to get new cameras for the outside of her home.