VIRGINIA BEACH, Va (WVEC) – A bike thief was caught on camera at an Oceanfront business and it wasn’t the first time.

Bobby Spears was home at Baja Cantina Mai Bar on 23rd street when the recent incident took place.

"I'm just angry about it!” said Spears. "I work hard and every time my bike keeps getting stolen.”

Video surveillance shows a person calmly walking up in the restaurant back alley and sawing the bike chain.

"He sawed it with like a little saw," said Spears.

Even after sawing for more than three minutes, the culprit didn’t fully sever the cable.

"I mean, this guy has definitely done this for a while because somehow he ended up getting the bike lock open," Spears said.

The video shows the bandit in black riding off with the $300 bike away from the business.

It’s the third time Spears’ beach cruiser was stolen from his workplace this year.

“This time, I did not mean to leave it out back I was just working like a 10-hour shift,” Spears said. “I was super tired just forgot to put it in the back of my truck."

Spears found his bike the first two times with help from his friends and police. One tip was successful when he found it at a Pawn Shop.

"I had to pay for what they sold it for which was 26 bucks," Spears said.

He has put the video on social media where it has gotten hundreds of shares.

Spears’ bike is a Grey Schwinn Beach Cruiser with black tires and rims.

He’s hoping someone will recognize the bike and return it. This time, he says he’ll keep it at home.

"’Baja Bike Bandits.’ They need to be stopped," Spears said.