NORFOLK, Va (WVEC) – Police are investigating a brazen purse snatching from an elderly woman’s wheelchair while she was shopping at a thrift store.

It happened last Wednesday at Thrift Store USA off East Little Creek Road.

Workers say it was during a “Senior Discount Day” where those 55 years and older get 20% off purchases.

“It’s always crazy and crowded,” said store manager, Anthony Savage “It’s hard for us to focus on one area when there’s so much going on.”

Surveillance video shows a man staking the woman out as he sat behind her on a couch.

Moments later, he removes the purse from the woman’s wheelchair and rummages through the belongings in a separate aisle.

The woman told workers that her wallet was stolen after she found the purse.

“She was devastated,” said Savage. “She was in tears at the showcase. Her daughter was trying to console her letting her know it was OK. She almost felt like it was her fault being victimized.”

Norfolk police spokesman, Daniel Hudson, said there have been no arrests.

The man’s picture is now featured on the store’s “Wall of Shame”.

“I hope that made her feel a little bit better that at the end of the day we’re going to get to the bottom of it and hopefully bring this person to justice,” Savage said.