HAMPTON, Va. (WVEC) -- The name Robert E Lee has come under controversy this month and it’s taking a toll on people living across the country who share the same name.

“Like when you sign a credit card and write your name and they are like, ‘Robert E Lee’ and I’m like, ‘yep that’s my name,’ and they are like, ‘really’ and I’m like, ‘yep that’s my name,” said Robert E Lee, a retired construction worker from Hampton.

Lee says sharing a name with the confederate general wasn’t easy growing up.

“Coming up during school during history classes you kind of got picked on a little bit because I was named after a confederate general that lost the war and all that kind of stuff,” said Lee.

However, Lee says there has never been a day when he wished he had a different name.

“That’s my father’s name, I’m proud of it, he gave it to me and I gave it to my son,” said Lee.

Robert Lees across the country are feeling the effects. ESPN announcer Robert Lee was supposed to call the upcoming Virginia verse William & Mary Football game, but now he is being moved to a different game in a different state where the name Robert Lee isn’t as controversial.

“The man’s name is Robert Lee if he can do his job what difference does it make what his name is,” said Lee. “The longer that this goes on its going to end up being worse and worse and worse.”