BRAZOS VALLEY, Texas - Two local teens who were reported missing since New Years Eve have been found unharmed.

It's a parents worst nightmare. To discover their child has gone missing. They are there one minute and the next they vanish, but what about when your child is no longer an adolescent?

There are many misconceptions when it comes to filing a missing persons report. So what should you do if you are concerned for a loved ones well being?

First you should know anyone can be reported missing, not just children. If you suspect a loved one cannot be located and may need medical or law enforcement help, then it's time to file a missing persons report.

College Station Assistant Police Chief, Chuck Fleeger also says despite popular belief, there is no waiting period to report someone missing. It is actually against the law for law enforcement agencies to impose a waiting period.

"If you believe somebody is missing we would rather you call in as soon as possible, and we would rather cancel the call immediately upon arrival, rather than you waiting a long period of time. In case that very small percentage of cases where there has been something that has happened to the person," said Fleeger.

Officials also say to bring a complete description of the person and not to withhold any details that could be helpful in locating the missing person.

This can include clear photos of the person and information on their physical characteristics.