GATES COUNTY, N.C. (WVEC) -- A woman is speaking out against her neighbor’s alleged dog abuse after one of the dogs recently died.

Sarah Jolly said her neighbor had five dogs in his backyard without adequate water or proper shelter during the hot summer heat. She said she took a photo of one of them.

“He was foaming at the mouth pretty badly,” said Jolly. “It didn't look like he was getting proper amounts of water.”

The dog Jolly was referencing is now dead. Jolly said she thinks it was due to heat exhaustion.

“The dog dying basically right in front of our eyes and no one doing anything about it was the last straw for us,” said Jolly.

Gates County Sheriff Randy Hathaway confirmed a dead dog was found on the property and the case is under investigation. Hathaway said the other dogs are “fine” and will stay on the property. At this point, he said he does not know if charges will be filed against the owner.

Tracey Lubawski, Facility Manager for Dogs Deserve Better animal rescue, said concerned neighbors contacted her about the dogs.

They're chained, they can’t move and they have plastic houses that have no ventilation,” said Lubawski. “The temperatures this week are in the nineties, the temperatures in those plastic houses are probably in the hundreds.”

Lubawski said she wants to help the dogs get out of a potentially bad situation.

“I spoke to the local animal shelter director and she has an open intake policy so if the dogs were to be removed from the home, they would go there and potentially be re-homed,” said Lubawski.

Jolly said she just wants something done as soon as possible.

“The dogs should be taken away the owner should face some sort of repercussion for their actions,” said Jolly. “Like it’s ridiculous. Nothing is being done about it.”

13News Now tried to speak with the dogs’ owner but he did not have any comment.