NORFOLK, Va. (WVEC) - A local EVMS surgeon says it has always been his mission to make sure everyone receives the same health care.

On Friday, a $2.5 million grant program started. Its goal is to look into disparities into healthcare. Dr. L.D. Britt will head the national study.

Dr. Britt was born and raised in Suffolk. He said he noticed the disparities when he was growing up.

"We would have to pack a lunch and a dinner," explained Dr. Britt. "It would take 8, 10, 12 hours to see a doctor for a couple of minutes."

The world renowned surgeon will head up the $2.5 million national study. It's being funded by National Institutes of Health and is a historic effort by the American College of Surgeons to tackle the problem head on.

"It’s not based on just ethnic backgrounds, it's based on education, poverty. It's based on where you live," he explained.

Dr.Britt is not working alone. He will work with other top surgeons across the country.

"The team is like the Cleveland Cavaliers," He said. "Some of the best."

Work has already started to stop healthcare disparities.

"My whole goal out of all of this is, out of where you live, your status, your background, you have the same chance as someone who lives in the white house,” explained Dr. Britt.

Doctor Britt hopes his team comes up with the best practice that everyone in the field will want to use.

The grant is for three years, and if it works out as well as he thinks, he plans apply for another grant in the future.