YORK COUNTY, Va. (WVEC) -- For the third time in the past five months, police have swarmed Choisy Crescent in York County.

Officers arrested and charged 35 year old Paul Zimeras for possessing drugs.

The string of investigations began in May, after discovering a woman's body inside a home. A few days later, they returned an discovered a meth lab.

Next door neighbor Claudia Outland said the recent police activity is unsettling.

"I have a son a 8 year old so I don't want him to grow up with this stuff going on around him," said Outland. "I let him play outside in the park."

Outland said the recent arrest was the last straw and plans on moving her family.
"I'm not taking any chances," said Outland. "We're going to get things together and we're getting out."

Neighbor Ian Armstrong said he's starting to question the safety of his neighborhood but said he'll be fine.

"Generally it seems like a nice place," said Armstrong. "I think it was just a few bad apples in the area. You know, they seem to be weeding them out so I don't see any reason really to be worried and want to move you know?"

Zimeras is due in court January 3, 2018.