YORK COUNTY, Va. (WVEC) -- A York County Supervisor is suggesting people start paying for something that’s been free for as long as anyone can remember.

Supervisor Walter Zaremba thinks it’s time to discuss whether or not people should be charged to use the Yorktown Beach.

“We are starting to receive a number of complaints from the people responsible for keeping the beach clean and as beautiful as it should be,” said Zaremba.

Zaremba says in order for the county to pay for maintenance and upkeep he’d like to discuss charging people from outside York County a beach admission fee.

“I think that’s sad, it’s a great place to come the way it is, we just ate in the Yorktown Pub today, we pay in other ways,” said Peggy Kipfer.

Peggy and Dallas Kipfer, of Newport News, have been walking the Yorktown Beach for decades.

“If they start charging people will probably stop coming," said Dallas Kipfer. "There’s other beaches around."

Zaremba also suggests the county start charging for parking at the Riverwalk. He says beach goers are taking advantage.

“They come over here knowing things are free, ‘lets go to York County beach for the day we don’t have to spend any money in these wonderful restaurants we don’t have to spend any money in these shops.’”

However, Randy Pryor, owner of Patriot Tours and Provisions, is worried all these new fees could actually send potential customers right down the river.

“The free parking aspect of Yorktown has been a huge draw actually,” said Pryor.

Then there is the Kardos family vacationing from Philadelphia. They say paying to park and swim is a way of life at the Jersey Shore. They are surprised Yorktown doesn’t already charge for these things.

“Just another way to nickel and dime someone I don’t think it would necessarily deter someone,” said Kardos.

The beach and parking fees are just an idea at this time. They are not on any future Board of Supervisors agendas.