OUTER BANKS, Va. (WVEC) -- Residents in the Outer Banks are breathing a sigh of relief tonight, as Hurricane Maria moves past without causing any major damage.

Craig and Ellen Rice had been on pins and needles all week, wondering if the wind and the waves would rock their Duck Beach home...again.

"It doesn't t have to hit the shore to really be a problem so I was not real happy about this storm coming in," said Craig.

The damage caused by Hurricane Sandy back in 2012 is still fresh in their minds.

"I had an inground pool and it just took it to the ocean someplace to New Jersey I don't know," said Craig.

So on Tuesday night they were bracing for the worst.

"You couldn't stand up I mean you were fighting to get to the door it was blowing so hard," said Ellen.

They thought maybe they'd lose another pool and maybe they'd lose the whole house.

"You just never know what's going to happen with the beach and with our house," said Ellen.

Meanwhile, vacationers were having fun splashing in the giant surf and flying kites in the strong breeze. However, for the rices this was personal. The entire beach is like their backyard and they didn't want to see it ruined.

"How much beach erosion are we going to have? We paid tons of tax money to put all this sand in and is a hurricane going to come in six months later and take all that sand away it wouldn't be a happy story" said Craig.

By Wednesday evening it turned out Maria's bark was bigger than her bite. The Rices can finally start to relax, until the next storm.

"We're going to sit back and have lots of drinks and have a good time," said Ellen.