VIRGINIA BEACH, VA (WVEC-TV) -- From opening doors to getting free food and free gas, some people were surprised around Hampton Roads today with random acts of kindness thanks to the crew at Habitat for Humanity's ReStore at The Providence Square Shopping Center in Virginia Beach.

They're participating in National Random Acts of Kindness Week, which starts next week, but they got an early start today to try and spread the word about it. A man named Michael -- who's joining The Marines -- thinks it's great. He was one of their kindness victims. They surprised him at a gas station. Joshua Dove, who works as the Director of ReStore Operations for Habitat for Humanity, walked up to Michael and told him he was paying for -- and pumping his gas for him.

"Wow thank you," Michael said. "What a great guy."

The kindness crew struck again at The Providence Square Grill restaurant -- running to open the door for a senior citizen who was having trouble walking. Once they got inside -- they approached a customer named Todd and told him they were paying for his breakfast meal.

Part of Todd's amazement was thinking how things are today -- full of anger and division. This gesture gave him hope for a brighter future.

"The more acts of kindness," he said. "The better it'll be for's great."

After that surprise, the kindness crew gave themselves a pat on the back and returned to the ReStore, where they see acts of kindness everyday -- people who come in with donations of furniture and household items that they, in turn, sell at discount prices to help families fix up their homes at minimal cost. The proceeds they make help Habitat for Humanity engage in their biggest acts of kindness -- building homes for families who have dreams of home ownership.