LAWRENCEVILLE, Ga. -- As car after car drives past Jim Poe's front yard on Old Fountain road in Lawrenceville, lately, many drivers have been turning their heads and even honking their horns.

The eye-grabbing attraction is four metal poles and barbed wire fencing in a metal cage that is anchored into the ground. Inside the cage stands a large Donald Trump campaign sign.

On the front of the cage are two signs. One reads "POSTED. NO TRESPASSING. KEEP OUT." The second reads "TRESSPASS (sic) WILL BE SHOT"

PHOTOS | Man builds cage to protect Trump sign

Early this year, Poe put a small Donald Trump campaign sign in his front yard with no protection around it. Poe said someone stole it, so he put an even larger sign in his yard with barbed wire around it. Someone went through the barbed wire and also stole that sign.

"So I went a step further and built this steel cage, which is anchored in the ground. If actually got power, we are getting ready to put spotlights on it," Poe said Monday, while standing next to his sign.

Poe said he reported the thefts to police. When asked what actions he would take if he actually caught someone stealing his Trump sign, Poe's response was short: "Probably be better not to be public record."

Gwinnett County Police report around five stolen campaign thefts have led to police reports this year in the county. A department spokesman said anyone caught stealing campaign signs could be charged with a misdemeanor of theft by taking.

With the election just over a week away, Poe said no matter the outcome he won't be taking down his sign.

"The sign is going to stay up after the election for, I guess what I call the 'Trump haters' to see," he said.

Poe said the sign is on his property and not the right of way. When asked what he would think of a neighbor having a sign stolen for another candidate, he replied that wouldn't be right either.

"I wanted to make sure everyone knew I was supporting for president and this is what I had to do, in order to do it," Poe said.

Poe said the large sign he is now displaying is identical to the last one stolen. According to Poe, the larger campaign signs cost $50.

"I get a lot of support and I get a lot of non-support. People that yell some pretty bad things and they yell some good things," Poe remarked as a driver honked in support. "There they go again."