VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WVEC) – A Man was charged with object digital penetration after police say he sexually assaulted a woman working at the Sunny Spa off of Pembroke Blvd.

Court documents revealed the alarming encounter between the massage therapist and her customer. It happened around 9:30 on the night of Sunday, April 2. The woman was the only one working, when Camp walked in and paid for an hour long massage.

Camp was escorted into a back room and just five minutes into the massage, court documents say he suddenly turned around on the table and put his hand in the woman's underwear. She repeatedly told him to stop, but Camp reportedly kept going.

According to the records, Camp began stripping off his clothes, then told the woman to lay down, but she refused. He then reportedly threw her on the table, ripped off her underwear, and digitally penetrated her with his fingers. The woman reported it to police and was examined by a forensics team.

Police got a search warrant for Camp and took buccal swabs, finger nail clippings, hair and pictures for evidence. Camp was arrested and charged two days after the assault.