NORFOLK, Va. (WVEC) - A brand new establishment on the Outer Banks may be forced to shut their doors and it's not because the business isn't busy. The restaurant owner tells us his landlord is upset because he hosted a drag brunch, saying that goes against the lease.

"I wasn't expecting the fight that has come to me for sure," said Robert Privott.

Privott claims he and his landlord are disagreeing over the meaning of "adult entertainment."

"The state of North Carolina defines adult entertainment as being nude and or a sexual act" Privott said. "We haven't come close, we would never. We would never."

Every Sunday, JJ Brewbaker's has a drag bunch and everyone is welcome to attend.

"The DJ brought his little girl. We've had several children come in and they love the show."

A letter sent to the business owners from the landlord reads: “Since you had your drag queen brunch... the landlord herby places you in default for the violation of the lease restrictions.” That's according to section Exhibit D in the lease.

"I should be in this restaurant dealing with the normal struggles of starting a restaurant. Instead, I'm dealing with civil rights issues that we thought we had cured years ago," explained Privott.

JJ Brewbaker’s is still open. Privott is working with his attorney to fight for what they isn’t a breach in the lease.

"Just because it's a little outside of the norm," Privott said. " I just can't, I'm having a hard time with dealing with the amount of resistance we are receiving because of it."

13News Now did reach out to the landlord to hear her side. We haven’t heard back.

We will continue to follow developments of this story.