CHESAPEAKE, Va. (WVEC) – A Chesapeake man says he was tested for Hepatitis C back in 2003 by the VA and just last week, found out he tested positive for the disease.

62-year-old David Green said he is upset about the delay, but hopes his story gets baby boomers to get tested.

"Stomach problems, swelling of the joints, depression those are the main three," said David Green.

David Green has had those problems for several years, and he always thought they were symptoms of getting older. Last week, someone from the VA called him, which made the symptoms make sense.

"When she told me Hepatitis C, I was like wait a minute. I didn't know I had it," said Green.

David was tested for the disease back in 2003, but said he never got the results and went on with his life until the lady with the VA contacted him 14 years later.

"It was more why, why was I never told, why didn't I know, why didn't you tell me," David explained.

David was upset, but says he's happy he found out sooner rather than later. He's been to the doctor several times already and says it's 90 percent curable.

David explained, "One pill a day, for 12 weeks and I will go back in for checks to make sure the virus is gone."

He's extremely thankful for the lady who called and gave him the news and now wants to let others know how important it is to stay up to date with your tests.

"If you’re a baby boomer and you think it's not you, you need to get checked," Green said.

Green says he wanted to do this story to raise awareness and to make sure baby boomers get tested immediately.

We have plenty of questions for the VA to answer and we reached out multiple times, over the phone and by email. A spokesperson did email us back asking for a deadline, but hasn't yet to respond to our questions.