(Delmarvanow.com) -- A New Jersey man was ordered to spend six days in jail for a reckless driving conviction in a Northampton County court.

Kenneth C. Monroe, 29, of Camden, was stopped by police for driving at 103 mph in a 55 mile zone on the Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel on Jan. 13 this year, the court heard at the trial last week.

Monroe, who was stopped driving a rental car at 9:18 p.m., told the officer he was driving so fast because he was frightened on the bridge.

“I don’t understand how being scared on the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel would cause you to go 103 mph. I know we react differently to things, but …” said Judge W. Revell Lewis III.

He ordered Monroe to pay a $1,000 fine and spend six days in jail. Monroe was remanded to jail to begin serving his time.