CHESAPEAKE, Va. (WVEC)-- They're tough as nails, but when it comes to an injured child, Marines have a soft spot.

Members of Chesapeake Marine Corps League Number 853 heard about a little girl named Sophie Betancourt, who was badly hurt in a bike accident.

Sophie is the daughter of two former Marines and the league is putting together a fund-raising concert Saturday at their headquarters.

All of the money collected will go to Sophie's parent's, so they can spend as much time as possible with her as she undergoes the agonizing recovery process for her injured skull and brain.

"The family has no insurance," said Marine Corps League Number 853 Chesapeake Detachment member Billy Jack Norwood. "They spent all of their time, 31 days in ICU and now, two months in the hospital, all their time with Sophie. They want to be near her obviously every day. So she's enduring, right now, probably two years for facial reconstruction and skull reconstruction. So we want to help them out as much as we can."

Norwood will be one of the concert performers.

Marine Corps League Number 853 Commandant Joe Hoadley said his group had to get involved, because Marines are trained to take care of their own.."So as soon as we seen this, it had to be done," he said. " We had no other choice but to do something for this little girl."

You can help by showing up, and making any size donation you can.

The concert is Saturday from noon until 7 p.m. at the Marine Corps League headquarters on Reservation Road in Chesapeake.