VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. – Prosecutors in a grisly murder case on the Eastern Shore of Maryland are now requesting records from a hospital in Virginia Beach.

Sharef Dontre Hayward is accused of stabbing his ex-girlfriend Airealle Sells and beating her with a hammer in December 2016. She died several days after the attack. Her two young children were also bludgeoned with a hammer and hospitalized.

According to court documents, the couple had traveled to Williamsburg for a time share seminar about a week before the murder. On their way back home, there was an altercation on the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel in Virginia Beach. They stopped the car on the bridge span and Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel police went to check it out. That’s when Sells told police Hayward was trying to kill her. The officers then spotted Hayward running down the bridge—he had cuts on his hands from punching out the windows to the car. He was taken to Sentara Virginia Beach Hospital where he was treated and released.

No charges were filed against him that day. Police say Sells filed a protective order against Hayward a day before the gruesome attack.

The States Attorney for Somerset County, Md. has requested Hayward’s medical records from Sentara Virginia Beach General Hospital, saying the bridge tunnel incident appears to be a pre-cursor to the murder in Maryland. Prosecutors say Hayward’s reported actions, injuries, and state of mind will be addressed in court and the hospital records have evidentiary value.