13News Now Meteorologist Crystal Harper completed her 11th round of chemo on Monday which means she has only one more to go!

Crystal has been fighting stage II Hodgkin's lymphoma since the end of May, and she is almost done with her 12 rounds of chemotherapy.

She posted in her blog before heading into treatment.

Today I’ll be going in for treatment number 11 and for the first time ever, I feel ok about going to chemo. I only have two treatments left and because the finish line finally feels like it’s in sight, I’m ready to power through them. The faster we can get chemo started today, the faster I can say that I only have ONE TO GO.

In some of her recent blog posts she has opened up about dealing with cancer as a single woman, new hair, and how her cancer diagnosis will affect her military service.

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Anyone can follow Crystal and the progress of her journey to beat cancer on Crystal-Harper.com as well as her Facebook page.