13News Now Meteorologist Crystal Harper has given us great news regarding her cancer treatment!

Crystal has been fighting stage II Hodgkin's lymphoma since the end of May, and her PET scan results are in. According to her oncologist, all active cells are GONE!

She says she still has some cancer left but this is definitely a step in the right direction.

"Well, I had a really really important test done the other day, and it's true I am getting better," Crystal told her niece in a video message. "All my sickness is going away!"

Crystal and her adorable niece made a cute video sharing the announcement and bloopers with her supporters.

In some of her recent blog posts she has opened up about her worst treatment yet, new hair, and how her cancer diagnosis will affect her military service.

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Anyone can follow Crystal and the progress of her journey to beat cancer on Crystal-Harper.com as well as her Facebook page.